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5th Grade

  • Greetings from the 5th grade team here at Meeker Elementary. Please refer to the teachers' names at the top for a more descriptive exploration of our different classes. 5th grade provides our students the opportunity to become leaders and role models for our school community. We, as a team, want to foster and challenge our students as we prepare them for what comes next in their academic journey.  All of the 5th grade team is teaching using AVID notebooks and techniques. We look forward to making this a memorable final year at Meeker for the class of 2030.   


    There will not be any homework this year. We want students to spend time with friends and family. We do encourage them to read in their free time.


    We will be communicating with families through Clever. We will send a weekly newsletter about what is happening in 5th grade through Clever each Friday!


    Meeker is implementing a new school-wide birthday policy. It’s called “Happy Birthday, Let’s Move”. At Meeker, we like to celebrate the whole child and know that all students will benefit from movement. We will celebrate through activities, creativity, and movement. The birthday student and the teacher will work together to come up with a ten minute activity to celebrate who they are as a person. There are NO food, drinks, treats, or gifts allowed by our new policy.


    There will be a 5-10 minute snack break each day. If your child wants a snack, they must pack a healthy one. No cookies, takis, lunchables, cupcakes, etc will be allowed this year.