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 District 6-Weather Related Inside/Outside Temperature Guidelines
Weather and temperature changes in Colorado can often be very difficult to predict.  It can be very cold in the morning when your child leaves from school, but often by lunch time, the temperature will have completely changed.  The higher elevation, clear skies and wind can quickly effect our perception of how warm or cold it might feel outside.  
In the event of inclement weather, such as temperature below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, heavy snow,  sleet, etc., children will come inside upon arrival at school and/or stay inside at lunch-recess. 
When the temperature reading is 15 degrees (with wind chill), or above, the school will consider if it is appropriate for the children to play outside for recess. 

 Friday, November 20th is...
 crazy socks
Crazy Sock Day!  Wear the craziest socks you can find!

MSA Meeting
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
4:00 PM
Parents please consider joining us

Open Enrollment Starts November 2nd!
Weld County School District 6 offers students the opportunity to open enroll into schools outside of their neighborhood or home boundaries.  The window for open enrollment requests for the 2016-2017 school year will be from November 2, 2015 through December 18, 2015.
The Open Enrollment Application Form will be available at every school office, at the district’s main office at 1025 Ninth Avenue, in Greeley and on the district website at under the “Parents” tab. Completed applications must be submitted on or before December 18, 2015 by 4:30 p.m. at the district’s main office, at your child’s current school or at the school you are requesting your child to attend.
While we are able to accommodate the vast majority of open enrollment requests district wide, we cannot approve requests for enrollment in schools (or specific grade-levels in a school) that are at or above capacity or where special program needs cannot be met or are above capacity. 
Students who are presently attending a school under open enrollment or transfer will automatically be enrolled into the school they are presently attending for the 2016-2017 school year, unless a school or its programs are over capacity. Parents will not be required to complete open enrollment applications. If, however, a parent wishes to enroll a child back in their home school for the 2016-2017 school year, parents should complete a Discontinuation of Open Enrollment / Transfer Application and return it to their current school by December 18, 2015. These forms are also available in the locations listed above.
Students transitioning from one school level to another (preschool to elementary school, elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school) will automatically be enrolled into their boundary school unless a new open enrollment application is submitted and approved within the open enrollment window. For example, an 8th grade student who lives in the Franklin boundary and is open enrolled at Heath will be automatically enrolled at Northridge for 2016-2017 as Northridge is the student’s boundary school. Students in 5th grade at Chappelow or Winograd must complete an open enrollment application to be considered for enrollment.
The District will notify parents of new applicants’ open enrollment status during the first week in February 2016.  Parents of approved open enrollment student(s) must provide transportation to and from their approved school.  This applies to all students, including those receiving special education services or transportation services.  For more information about open enrollment, please consult the district website, or call 348-6265.  

School Lunch Menu's

New for the 2015-2016 school year, the Nutrition Services Department will no longer be distributing/providing paper copies of the menu.  Our departmental theme for the coming year is to ‘embrace technology’!  Implementing paperless menus aligns with this focus. We began notifying our customers (students, parents, guardians, etc.) when this decision was made in April.  
• Menus are available online.  On the District 6 homepage these is a quick link on the top, left for Menus.  Clicking on this link will take customers to Nutrislice (our online menu platform). Or you can click here.
• Menus can be printed very easily directly from the Nutrislice website.
• FREE menu app is available for smart phones.  Search for Nutrislice to download.
• This information will be shared via social media to our customers—D6 Nutrition Facebook, etc.)
• Every school will receive business size cards advertising our transition to paperless menus (plus instructions for accessing menus online or via the Nutrislice app).  These cards can be distributed to students, parents, guardians, etc. who have questions about the lack of paper menus.
Please direct any additional questions, concerns or suggestions to Jeremy West or Kara Sample at – 970-348-6607. 

School Hours


 greeley-evans transit
Did you know you can ride the Greeley-Evans (GET) bus FREE with your 2014-2015 School ID all summer?
WHO:  Kids ages 18 & under
WHEN:  May 20 - August 31
HOW:With your 2014-2015 school ID
WHERE:  Everywhere!
For More information:


Meeker Elementary - The Place To Be!



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