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The scoop  
Meeker Parent Input...
If you would like to give input for your child's teacher for the 2016-17 school year, please fill out a form in the main office.  These forms need to be completed no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, April 20,


ronald mcdonald


 McTeacher's Night
 Tuesday, April 19th
 5-7 PM 
Come join the Fun at McDonald's at 2520 47th Ave. (Near Lowe's)  Enjoy a show from Ronald McDonald, and see the Meeker Teachers help out at McDonald's!  Students can also help their grade level earn a reward for the most students to attend McTeacher's Night!  The best part is, is that it's a GREAT fundraiser that helps buy PAWS rewards for students as well as PAWS  Excellence shirts!  So please spread the word and come show your Meeker pride!  Our school will take home a percentage of McDonald's profits between
5 and 8 PM!
Percussion Ensemble Program
Wednesday, April 20th
6:00 PM
Meeker Gym 

 kindergarten countdown
Kindergarten Registration  April 4th-April 29th

Incoming kindergarten students must be 5 years old by October 1, 2016 in order to register for the 2016-17 school year. 

To register, parents or legal guardians need to visit the home school in their neighborhood.  Parents who have received approval to open enroll their student in a school outside their neighborhood need to visit that site. 

 To register for school, parents should bring:

*       Child’s Birth Certificate

*       Immunization Record

*       Proof of Residency – This would include either an original current lease agreement, or a deed of sale. Make sure that the legal document contains your address, valid dates, and all necessary signatures OR a current utility bill. 

*        Parent Identification with a picture ID

If you do not know the name or location of your neighborhood school, you may contact the Transportation Office at (970)348-6800.

Several schools are hosting evening registration events and open houses during the registration window, and we encourage parents and students to attend.  All registration information for each school is located at

Meeker Open House will be Thursday, April 8th from 6:00-7:00 pm.


Bad weather reminder:  
As we enter the cold weather season, please be reminded that any school closures will first be posted here and on the District 6 Facebook page at If you do not see a closure message in those two locations, then school is open as usual. We do not contact local and Denver media until after we post the message in those locations, as well as send a call out to all parents via School Messenger. This is your first and best source of information for any emergency closures. It is very rare in Greeley and Evans that we have to close school because our district is contained to the urban area and our buses can usually run even in bad weather. So please make sure your children are dressed for the cold and snow. Thank you for helping us keep your children safe!
Recordatorio de mal clima: 
Mientras llega la temporada de mal tiempo, por favor acuérdense que cualquier cierre escolar será publicado aquí primero y en la página de Facebook del Distrito 6 en Si no encuentra un mensaje de cierre en estos dos lugares, entonces la escuela está abierta con su horario normal. No nos comunicamos con los medios locales ni de Denver hasta después de haber publicado el mensaje en estas páginas, y también habría una llamada a los padres de parte del sistema School Messenger. Este es su mejor y primer recurso para infamación por cualquier cierre de emergencia. Es muy raro en Greeley y Evans que tengamos que cerrar las escuelas ya que nuestro distrito se encuentra en un área urbana y nuestros camiones usualmente pueden andar aun en mal tiempo. Por lo tanto, por favor asegúrense que sus hijos estén vestidos apropiadamente para el frio y la nieve. ¡Gracias por ayudarnos a mantener a sus hijos seguros

District 6-Weather Related Inside/Outside Temperature Guidelines
Weather and temperature changes in Colorado can often be very difficult to predict.  It can be very cold in the morning when your child leaves from school, but often by lunch time, the temperature will have completely changed.  The higher elevation, clear skies and wind can quickly effect our perception of how warm or cold it might feel outside.  
In the event of inclement weather, such as temperature below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, heavy snow,  sleet, etc., children will come inside upon arrival at school and/or stay inside at lunch-recess. 
When the temperature reading is 15 degrees (with wind chill), or above, the school will consider if it is appropriate for the children to play outside for recess. 

School Lunch Menu's

New for the 2015-2016 school year, the Nutrition Services Department will no longer be distributing/providing paper copies of the menu.  Our departmental theme for the coming year is to ‘embrace technology’!  Implementing paperless menus aligns with this focus. We began notifying our customers (students, parents, guardians, etc.) when this decision was made in April.  
• Menus are available online.  On the District 6 homepage these is a quick link on the top, left for Menus.  Clicking on this link will take customers to Nutrislice (our online menu platform). Or you can click here.
• Menus can be printed very easily directly from the Nutrislice website.
• FREE menu app is available for smart phones.  Search for Nutrislice to download.
• This information will be shared via social media to our customers—D6 Nutrition Facebook, etc.)
• Every school will receive business size cards advertising our transition to paperless menus (plus instructions for accessing menus online or via the Nutrislice app).  These cards can be distributed to students, parents, guardians, etc. who have questions about the lack of paper menus.
Please direct any additional questions, concerns or suggestions to Jeremy West or Kara Sample at – 970-348-6607. 

School Hours

st math logo
STMath Clever Schoology

 greeley-evans transit
Did you know you can ride the Greeley-Evans (GET) bus FREE with your 2014-2015 School ID all summer?
WHO:  Kids ages 18 & under
WHEN:  May 20 - August 31
HOW:With your 2014-2015 school ID
WHERE:  Everywhere!
For More information:


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